Systemic Solutions

For People and Planet

Enhancing the relationship between human activity and the environment

by providing sustainable win-win synergies, productivity and profitability.

Working With You

Our clients are varied and always different as they have different priorities, needs, and objectives. Our approach is to listen and find out what these are, while also bringing to them new knowledge about their environment.

Working with the Environment

We make an in-depth environmental audit that include inputs, outputs, current functions and the environment; and with this, we tap into our vast knowledge of technologies and practices that offer solutions to the current needs.


We are at your service and available at any stage of a project.

Our services consist of consulting, introducing new technologies and associates, and an overall design/vision and implementation of a project site.

Veriterra offers a range of services:

Initial Review: An initial basic audit of the site/project and a possible systemic solution.





Analysis Stage: environmental analysis (inputs, outputs, system flows) and initial systemic concept.





Implementation Stage: Contacting and bringing in various stakeholders, technologies, with follow through project implementation.




The project site may be on the scale of a building project, a university, a neighbourhood, or regional.

The principles and approach are the same for any scale; the process drives the outcome. An ideal outcome is good, but the process is what brings in a new dimension to a new outcome previously unknown.

Our systems approach is to work with the environment, using natural systems as much as possible, and complement the remaining needs with complementary technologies and practices.


Contact us with your queries and we will be happy to get back to you.

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